Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work in progress...

I have been drawing a bit lately, but haven´t really had the time to post... One thing that I have started is an illustration project for a swim club where a friend of mine works as a coach. I have been doing some sketches for style ideas. They shall work as icons in small sizes and be easy to recognize for the kids, at the same time they want it a bit artistic and with a feeling of watercolour. Well, here are some suggestions for sea stars. I am always happy for suggestions and comments. Which one is your favourite?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

EDM 291 - book illustration

EDM 291 - draw an illustration for the cover of your favourite book.

The Shire
Well, this has taken me a while.... Simultaneously as this challenge came out I got as homework for my illustrations course to make a series of illustrations for a book, so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone, and did my all time favourite - the Lord of the rings. This turned out to be harder than I could imagine since there was so much pressure from all those years of reading and imagining, watching the movie, admiring the drawings of Alan Lee... well, you get the idea.