Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In the spirit of... 2

...Stina Persson. Well, this is the second assignment for my illustration class, to make some illustrations in the spirit of an other illustrator. It was supposed to be illustrations showing our selfs in a situation from our daily life, and I found this quite hard to do in her style, which leaves little room for details. But this is an attempt at showing myself drinking coffee in the style of Stina Persson. I just love her work, it is the kind of painting that inspire me on one hand and make me truly jealous that I didn´t think of it on the other...

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have a sort of giveaway at my other blog, where you can win either a set of hand made cards with cakes (since it is a baking blog....) in mixed media, or a watercolour painting with magnolias. I thought it would be fair to give my readers here a chance to participate as well.... The text is in Swedish, but you participate by leaving a comment to that blog entry where you state what you would like to win, and make sure I can get hold of you if you do by leaving blog link or e-mail address. This is one of the things you might win:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Portrait of Hilda - EDM #294

Well, here´s my EDM # 294 - Draw something that makes you smile... Well, it´s my youngest daughter Hilda and she does make me smile quite a lot... I did start this before the challenge came out, so it might be seen as kind of cheating, but I really thought it was a good fit! I have not practiced portrait drawing that much and this was made from a photo. I am quite happy with the likeness (well, it´s not perfect, but it is possible to see who it is :) but I think the colours are a bit weak maybe. The face doesn´t really stand out against the background.

Monday, October 11, 2010

In the spirit of.... #1

...Stina Wirsén. Sort of. Ink, collage and coloured pencils on paper.

This is an assignment for a corse that I take in illustration. The assignment is to do three illustrations in the spirit of another illustrator, inspired by some daily activity in your life. This is inspired by Swedish artist Stina Wirsén who make fantastic illustrations for childrens books, fashion magazines, newspapers..... The story in my first example above is me doing yoga to mentally run away from the stressful ordinary life in the city (right side) to some calm "inner place" or something, inspired by nature (left side). The text reads "andas" which means "breathe". I realize I should have turned it around since you usually read from left to right, but hey.... my life is a mess anyway ;)

Monday, October 4, 2010

EDM #290 Draw a teapot

Finally another EDM published! A teapot! This was a gift from my mother when I finished school so it has been with me for many years. It is made by a Swedish artist called Dagmar Änggård and I have always admired her pottery. She passed away some years ago though, so I have to take good care of my teapot...

As a small bonus I have drawn a traditional Swedish bakery called kanelbulle ("cinnamon bun", or similar. Translation help anyone?). I had to mention it since it happends to be the official day of the cinnamon bun - "kanelbullens dag" - in Sweden today. It makes me wonder... does everything have to have an official day now? Mother´s day and Father´s day I can buy, but honestly - "kanelbullens dag"???