Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In the spirit of... 2

...Stina Persson. Well, this is the second assignment for my illustration class, to make some illustrations in the spirit of an other illustrator. It was supposed to be illustrations showing our selfs in a situation from our daily life, and I found this quite hard to do in her style, which leaves little room for details. But this is an attempt at showing myself drinking coffee in the style of Stina Persson. I just love her work, it is the kind of painting that inspire me on one hand and make me truly jealous that I didn´t think of it on the other...


  1. Love the top one the best, but they are both good.

  2. Hi Anna! love your illustrations! beautiful work!

  3. Hi Anna - thanks for posting a comment on my blog. Your watercolour work is beautiful: and I love this style. I think I've seen some of Stina Persson's work in magazines.