Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tips för att torka sockerblommor

När jag började dekorera tårtor köpte jag massa små skålar speciellt för att torka sockerblommor så de får form. Korkat egentligen, när det - i återvinningens namn och allt - går smidigare med lite plastfolie i en äggkartong.... På så sätt kan man dessutom reglera vilken radie man vill ha på "skålen" genom att trycka ned olika hårt. Och så kan man stapla flera ovanpå varandra i ett skåp med hjälp av en bakplåtshållare (?).

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly drawings 12-14

Inspired by Swedish artist and blogger Nina Johansson, I recently gave "weekly drawings" a shot and I must say I really like the idea. It forces me to draw something every week and I have decided to use it both for drawing practice (I really need to work on the compositions - I find it so hard to fit everything together!) and to keep a kind of drawing diary. I am working in my first ever sketchbook, a moleskin watercolor journal, and every new week starts off with the weekly drawing. Some weeks it´s the only one and other weeks I do several other sketches and drawings. Now when I have worked my way through more than half of the book I realise that I can go back and follow what has happend in my life - places I have been, things I have done (and eaten), the change of winter into spring etc. I tend to draw completely different things than I would take a photo of, which makes the journal/weekly drawings a good complement to a family album in order to document my life!

Friday, April 16, 2010

EDM 269 etc...

Grey and sepia ink with watercolour in Moleskin watercolour sketchbook.

Guess what, I managed a tripple challenge this week as well! I think I will make a sport out of it ;) The story is behind is kind of funny - I was going for this weeks challenge - EDM # 269, draw something annoying. I was sitting with my sketchbook wondering what really annoys me when suddenly my glasses fell from my nose, broken. "That´s annoying", I thought, and there it was.... Inspired by last week I went through the challenge list and found that my drawing also matches EDM#11, draw your glasses and EDM #167, draw something that needs fixing.

Edit: almost forgot to write - a friend of mine did a really neat drawing inspired by the apple pattern on my tablecloth - check that out if you would like to see what the apples really look like..... http://johannajazoo.blogspot.com/2010/04/apple-day.html (Although in reality the pattern is white apples on dark blue background.)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EDM #268 ( + #1 and #39)

EDM Challenge 268 - something you need... This was a tricky challenge, I think. I mean - what do I really need? Food and water obviously, but I wanted to find an object of some kind. So what is the first thing I would buy if my suitcase got lost at the airport, I thought? A toothbrush! (The part of the shoe is only there because I cut it out of a weekly drawing...)

Edit: a tip from Christie Wolf - it is actually a multiple challenge - I can also take credit for EDM # 1 Draw a shoe, and EDM #39 - draw a toothbrush! That´s what I call being efficient....

Drawing exercise

We made an interesting drawing exercise in the creativity group last time - to use several media and styles on the same subject. It is interesting to see how different it turns out. Also, they say you have to do a subject at least five times in order to know it - so the question is if it is possible to see any progress?? ;) Here, I started with a blind contour drawing in pencil, then a line drawing with felt tip marker, a pencil value drawing, a water colour and finally a combination of watercolour and ink - the last is the style I have practiced mostly in my sketch book inspired by for example Nina Johansson, and many other great artists.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glad Påsk / Happy Easter

Sketchbook page, watercolour and ink.

Glad Påsk!

Happy Easter!

Frohe Ostern!

In Sweden this is at least traditional flowers for Easter - I don´t know about the rest of the world...