Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly drawings 12-14

Inspired by Swedish artist and blogger Nina Johansson, I recently gave "weekly drawings" a shot and I must say I really like the idea. It forces me to draw something every week and I have decided to use it both for drawing practice (I really need to work on the compositions - I find it so hard to fit everything together!) and to keep a kind of drawing diary. I am working in my first ever sketchbook, a moleskin watercolor journal, and every new week starts off with the weekly drawing. Some weeks it´s the only one and other weeks I do several other sketches and drawings. Now when I have worked my way through more than half of the book I realise that I can go back and follow what has happend in my life - places I have been, things I have done (and eaten), the change of winter into spring etc. I tend to draw completely different things than I would take a photo of, which makes the journal/weekly drawings a good complement to a family album in order to document my life!


  1. These are so much fun. Well done!

  2. Really nice drawing and they do look like a lot of fun indeed!
    Thanks for your comment on my bad wrist. Yes you're right that I am a power plant mechanical engineer. I planned the fine-tuned all the maintenance work from day-to-day basis to major outages. But I am unemployed right now because I just moved to the USA. I have a swedish friend whom I have known since 2005 and we have worked together until 2008. I think he's in one of the Vattenfall plants in Stockholm.