My name is Anna Wolf and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I work with energy issues for an environmental NGO but I am also an artist and illustrator at heart. My favourite medium at the moment is watercoulour. I get much my inspiration from nature or from people, but I also paint still lifes and more abstract motives. I like to mix more traditional techniques with experimental ones. I am mainly self-taught although I have taken a few shorter courses for different artists as well as a short illustration education.

I also like to bake and I make cakes and cupcakes, which you can see on my other blog, Annas Bakstuga (in Swedish). The activity there is rather low at the moment though...

I also have a swedish webpage and blog with tutourials and tips for painting and drawing, annasatelje.se. Welcome there and feel free to ask questions in English or German as well (or any other language - but don´t expect a reply :) ).