Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have a sort of giveaway at my other blog, where you can win either a set of hand made cards with cakes (since it is a baking blog....) in mixed media, or a watercolour painting with magnolias. I thought it would be fair to give my readers here a chance to participate as well.... The text is in Swedish, but you participate by leaving a comment to that blog entry where you state what you would like to win, and make sure I can get hold of you if you do by leaving blog link or e-mail address. This is one of the things you might win:

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  1. Hi! I'm sure the contest is long over, but I still wanted to tell you how enchanting your darling drawings are. I admire your desire to learn more about your craft. I'd like to take art classes, too. My only fear is that it will take me away from the creative process that I already love so much! I'd like to know how proper art classes has influenced your creative process!
    Laura Pallatin