Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back from vacation

I am back! Finally! I had six weeks vacation this summer (I know, we are priviledged in Sweden) and since I came back, there just has not been any time for posting and reading blogs. Sorry. Anyway, we travelled a bit in Sweden and Germany. I did not get as much time for drawing and painting as I had hoped, but here are some sketches that I managed to squeeze in. All made in Moleskin watercolour journal with pen, ink and watercolours. The first one above is the view from a window visiting my friend Johanna with family in their summer house. She has almost the same view posted on her blog for comparison. And - yes! I am terribly jealous of the paradise they live in all summer, and thankful that they share a bit of it with us :)

This is also a view from Johanna's summer house. They have their own little beach. Fantastic!

We also visited some friends in Schwerte, Germany. This is the view from their balcony - the houses stand pretty close in the area... but it is such a cute little town with old houses and a beautiful church. I only managed to catch this small part of it though...

Visiting my husbands family in a small village in Germany we went to a farm one day where they have pony riding and a giant playground for kids. I managed to squeeze in some drawing time when my youngest was taking her lunch time nap.

We also spent a week in St:Peter Ording, in northern Germany. It is an interesting area with tidal water and a very special nature. There is also an amazing beach (with North European measures, that is) with water that comes and goes during the day. And half the people naked.... some weird German tradition that I have problems getting used to...

The beach in St:Peter Ording

Westerhevner Leuchtturm - we made a bicycle tour to this beautiful light house 10 km from the village we stayed in.

A lot of sheep in the area...

This is a view from "Campingplatz Sass", where we stayed. A cute little place with an interesting bar that opened only when they felt like it - and closed again if the customers didn´t drink enough beer. Well...


  1. Great sketches all of them! I particularly like the sheep, and then the beach is nice too. And, of course it's nice to see your version of the view from my summer house, I always enjoy painting along side you, it's definitely a learning experience for me!

  2. Good to have you back Anna. It looks like a fabulous holiday judging by your great watercolours.

  3. So nice to see where you have been this summer! I like the light house (love light houses). I think that you did a really cool interpretation of the beach at St Peter Ording, with the multi-coloured people. Really cool! :)