Thursday, May 5, 2011

Every Day in May - catch up!

On top of everything else I am engaged in at the moment, I also said I will do the Every Day in May challenge this year. One sketch a day.... I started out badly by missing the first five, so I had to do a panic-catchup. But now I am on track again....until tomorrow! From the top the sketches show EDMs No: 
#101, draw a bar of soap 
#102, draw a power plug
#103 draw some exercise equipment (the blue things in the bottom sketch - if you wonder, it is some things you kick at when training martial arts, don´t know what they are called in English... It was the first thing that fell out of the fitness-bag when i searched, but I must confess that it was a couple of years since I used them!)
#104 draw some salt and pepper shakers (only had room left for one, though....)
#105 draw some scissors
#106 draw something tart or sour. Well, I don´t know what tart means, so I went for sour... the lemon in the middle sketch.

All of the above done in my Moleskin Watercolour Notebook with watercolour and ink.


  1. You managed to make the most ordinary things lovely! Well done! nancy

  2. Nice sketches,but I really like the lemon a lot, the colours and the more graphic style to it (would be very nice printed on fabric).

    I wanted to mention to you, that your name was drawn for the give-away in my blog... I would like to send it to you : )



  3. Love your catch-up stuff! All terrific!

  4. Great catch up.

    I'm not participating this year, as like you I've a lot to do.

  5. Wow... talking about beautifying art, you certainly have the ways to make ordinary things seem extraordinary =)
    The colors are simply terrific!

  6. I love the bar of soap drawing! Wonderful!

  7. Nice work! I like the bright color along with the pen lines.