Thursday, June 16, 2011

Butterflies and fish - a travel memory?

EDM 316 - a travel memory. I joined my eldest daughter on a trip with the kindergarden the other week. I don´t know if it counts as travelling, but anyway.... They went to an indoor tropical forest in Stockolm, Fjärilshuset ("The butterfly house"), where they have butterflies, tropical fish and some birds. I did some painting with the kids, which they loved, and later I gave these paintings as a present to her teachers as they are both leaving after this year, as is my daughter. I hope it was appreciated - I always feel a bit nervous about giving away my art as gifts. But as I don´t visit these persons they can easily keep their paintings in a drawer if they don´t like them without feeling ashamed!


  1. I am sure they would be loved.. You make such lovely ones! I like both of these you have posted here!

  2. Your art is dreamlike and fantastic. Beautiful work.