Sunday, April 29, 2012

Life drawing.... model!

I have been terrible at updating lately... There has not been much drawing time since the kids have been constantly sick. And then I am just too tired also. Right now I am mostly spending my time waiting for the baby to come out.... I have done some café drawings but I haven´t managed to take pictures and post.

I did do something I have never done before the other week though - being a life drawing model! It was kind of weird, but it was just a group of friends so it went alright - I wasn´t too nervous :) I don´t really feel that my body is my own right now anyway. One of my friends took some pictures so I could join a bit in drawing myself also - first I did a sketchbook page, but chose the wrong paper, the one that doesn´t work with watercolor so it just got messy (bottom one). Then we did some watercolors from our drawings with the group (top one). I just took some photos with my phone, so the image quality is really crappy. Sorry about that!


  1. Looks like you have been very busy, taking care of sick children and expecting at the same time is rough... And you took part in modeling for a drawing group = super woman : )

    I like the paintings you did, and I like the back ground in the first one and how the whole picture has a soft and warm feel to it, and it reminds me of a painting from the Victorian times. This is a very lovely way for you to make memories of your time waiting. I also like the birch painting in one of your other posts.

    I hope your children are feeling better and you can get a lot of rest.

  2. Oh what a coincidence. I've just been on 'On Painting Daily by Marian Fortunati' and she's posed a pregnant nude too, although it wasn't herself.

    These are great paintings and you are so brave to do this. I'm sure all the artists really appreciated it.

  3. wow these paintings are just lovely and good for you for modeling! bravo!