Monday, January 23, 2012

International sketchcrawl #34

New year, new sketchbook, new mission.... There has been limited time for sketching lately and thus the blog has been rater inactive. I decided to take it up again, and a friend and I challenged each other to do some kind of artistic activity every day - even if it is only a five minute pencil drawing. Just to get into the flow again... This weekend we went to meet with other sketchers at the 34th international sketchcrawl gathering in Stockholm. We were six people meeting at Citykonditoriet, which is an old café in the center of Stockolm, with a lot of interesting interiors and details. We had planned to move on to some museum, but we had such a nice, relaxed time that we just kind of got stuck there!

I also did an after-sketchcrawl drawing of my husband reading later that afternoon. It doesn´t really look like him though. I would have needed a pen with an extra-fine nib for the details in the face - now they just look a bit messy. He thinks I was generous with the hair though - maybe wishful thinking? 


  1. Super nice drawings, Anna! I must go to Citykonditoriet again to try that pink cake, it looks even more tempting in your drawing. ;)

  2. These are both lovely sketches Anna. I look forward to seeing more.

  3. Great sketches and looks like you really were having a great time doing them...
    The cake, oh my that looks good (miss Swedish bake goods). Well done!!!!