Thursday, May 6, 2010

EDM #4&5

EDM #4, draw your mug or cup. Probably one of the more useless mug-drawings I have done so far... I didn´t manage to finish it at location because my daughter got tired of eating sweets and wanted us to leave the place. I took a reference photo to be able to do the colours later, but my phone got run over by a car (!) and I lost the photo (along with all my telephone numbers) and had to try to remember the rest of the scene... whith the not-so-very-impressive result you may see above.

EDM #5, draw your bed. Well, this isn´t my usual bed. I spent the night in what might just have been the most boring hotel room I have ever seen. Not a single picture on the wall or anything. Thus the boring drawing, it just simply wasn´t more interesting than this...

* * * *

This is part of the Everyday in May challenge - drawing an Everyday Matters (EDM)challenge each day using EDM 1-31. The list of participants in this particular May challenge can be found at Liz and Borrominis blog. The list of EDM challenges can be found here

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  1. Ok, it's not great, but I still like the mug drawing, I like the colors!

    And yuck, that hotel room sounds really really boring. Nice sketch though. Hope the conference was good, and that you got some time to yourself too ;)

    (Klart du fick använda texten, det är inte som att jag har hittat på hela själv heller ha ha)

  2. Hur går det med utmaningarna? Du har inte lagt ut nåt på ett tag nu, nyfiken på vad du får till!