Sunday, February 12, 2012

February coffebreak

Last week, I had coffe at a really nice little Café in Nyköping, where my mother lives, sitting out in their backyard in the middle of the winter.... They have a kind of a green-house, heated and with tables for guests, where you can sit all year around. Nice! I enjoyed a "Semla" a Swedish traditional bakery that we eat in February, actually, it is not supposed to be consumed before the official day of the "semla", which is the day before Lent, so I cheated a bit... I somehow seem to do that every year!? 

My pictures get horrible, by the way. I really need to get a scanner, but I don´t know which one or how to use it. Ideas, anyone?


  1. Mmmmm, havent had a semla in over 25 years, and I can still remember the taste of it (my favourite is the mandelmassa in the middle)...
    The paintings are great, love the door and the house, really traditional Swedeish house. The green house sounds lovely and so does your day, enjoy many semlor to come : )

    For scanners, just before x-mas I bought a new one, and its a wireless one (HP) and I have to say I hate it, it wont scan no matter what and it went back... Still looking for a new one and I want one thats not wireless. I hope you find one soon that you like (and it works well).


  2. Semla - it looks fattening. nicely drawn! Interesting doorway.

    I've just bought a Canon printer/scanner it's ok but I still spend hours with photoshop trying to get it close to original. My last scanner was a Canon too and worked better - maybe because it was only a scanner.
    btw I took some sketches to a printers and their scanner wasn't much better :?

  3. Thanks for your scanner tips! I guess I´ll have to look around a bit before making a decision.

    Sue: well, a Semla is basically a wheat bun filled with whipped cream, almonds and sugar. Not very healthy... but good for the soul ;)