Monday, February 27, 2012


Watercolor and ink on Saunders Waterford Satin, in sketchbook

It´s still winter here, but on some days one can feel spring approaching! I did this drawing a week ago or so, and then everything was still covered in snow. Now the ground is partly green (well, grey) at least!

Oh, yes, and winter is called "vinter" in Swedish if someone wonders about the spelling..... It´s actually funny - winter and summer are quite similar words in English, Swedish and German (my three main languages) - winter/vinter/Winter and summer/sommar/Summer but spring (vår/Frühling) is a completely different one. I wonder why....

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  1. Love the bark of the trees Anna, the whole picture is great, but the bark looks wonderful.
    I like the way you use watercolours. And I can relate to the languages (mine are English, Swedish, Finnish and now Im trying to learning French and later thinking about Spanish... its a bit of alphabet soup for me at best of times, lol). Harlig bild/malning.