Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring is approaching!

Watercolor and ink on Saunders Waterford Satin, in sketchbook

A quite certain sign that spring is coming soon is that the little kids that knock on our door regularly stop selling cookies and start selling tulips. Much healthier! I have a serious problem saying no when they want to collect for something and I start to think that the rumor is spreading...


  1. We dont have tulips here yet, only spring sign we have so far has been snow and more on its way...

    Both wonderful painting, but the second one is by far my favourite, love the colours, the back ground and the tulip is brilliant. This would make a great card and or as print. And I know now what Im getting tomorrow, tulips!!!

  2. i am your newest follower! I love your artwork and your tulips are just amazing!!